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Air Conditioning Service

Is The Air Conditioner In Your Car Not Working Right?

Is your car\’s air conditioner not cold when you run it, but is instead blowing warm air into your car on those steaming hot Indiana afternoons? Is the A/C in your vehicle giving off a strange smell when you run it? Think your car\’s air conditioning refrigerant needs a recharge or repair? Kruse Automotive in Fort Wayne can help! We’ve been providing fast and efficient auto air conditioning repair services for customers throughout the Fort Wayne area as well as all of Northeast Indiana for more than 44 years.

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Make Sure Your Car’s Air Conditioner Is Blowing Cold Air When You Want It To!

Your car might have a problem with the A/C system if it’s blowing musty or moldy smelling air, takes longer to cool down or blows hot air, has low air flow, or your defroster isn’t working right.

You don’t need to be driving throughout Allen County, Indiana with a faulty or ineffective air conditioner. Often when a car’s air conditioner is running at reduced efficiency, there is a simple solution that doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Bring your car to Kruse and we’ll get your air conditioner fixed without breaking the bank! We can quickly diagnose the issue with super-fast and effective computer-assisted diagnostics and then work to apply the right solution, making sure your car’s A/C is running again in no time.

Kruse Automotives Air Conditioning Services

Our comprehensive air conditioner repair services are competitively priced, with flexible scheduling to fit your busy life. We work with all makes and models of cars, both domestic and imported. All of Kruse’s Automotive’s air conditioning services are delivered by expert auto repair technicians who hold all the proper certifications and licensing. Our guaranteed services are fully insured, meaning you will never walk away unsatisfied.


Kruse Automotive Air Conditioning Service Include:









When your car\’s air conditioning isn\’t working, there are a number of potential causes. These range from low freon and refrigerant leaks to your clutch not engaging, problems with your air conditioning compressor or an electrical system issue. Our auto shop is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing and repairing your car’s air conditioning system. Best of all, we’ll get it down at the most competitive prices in Fort Wayne. Don’t ride around town in discomfort. We can help you get your vehicle’s A/C working right!

Call Fort Wayne’s Best Auto Repair Shop Today To Schedule Your Car’s Air Conditioner Repair

If your car’s air conditioner isn’t running as cool as it used to, you don’t need to crank down your windows. Call Kruse Automotive Service at 260.489.1089 and get your A/C working again! Our professional and courteous staff will ask you questions to understand your specific situation and work with you to schedule a time that fits in your schedule to drop off your vehicle at our convenient location at 9310 Lima Road. Our shop is located at the intersection of Lima Road and West Till Road in North Fort Wayne.

With Kruse Automotive’s affordable services and flexible scheduling, your car will be running smoothly again in no time!