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Electrical System Repair

Complete Car Electrical Repairs Done Quickly And Professionally

For more than four decades, Kruse Automotive has been one of the top-rated car electrical repair shops in Northeastern Indiana. Our trusted mechanical technicians know how to interpret the signs any domestic or foreign car gives that it is having a problem with its electrical components. Our skilled team will diagnose your problem quickly and make the appropriate repairs so you can drive without frustrating or even dangerous electrical issues. We offer complete electrical repair services for any type of car or truck make and model from our convenient location on Fort Wayne’s north side.

9310 Lima Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818


Think Your Car's Electrical System Might have an issue?


Cars and trucks of all types can exhibit symptoms that sometimes seem to come out of nowhere. For example:

– Is your car engine not starting and you don’t know why?

– Are your headlights not working properly?

– Are you spelling burning plastic when you run your vehicle?

– Do your fuses keep blowing out?

– Does your car battery appear to be damaged?

– Are your car’s headlines dimming or not working properly while you are driving at lower speeds or when idling?

– Are your brake lights not working even though your car seems to be running OK?


When a vehicle’s electrical system goes on the fritz, it can exhibit symptoms like the ones above. If your car is showing signs of an electrical system problem, it’s time to bring it in to the trusted auto repair specialists at Kruse Automotive in Fort Wayne.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly and Avoid Breakdowns With Routine Maintenance

Our reasonably priced auto repair services, including a full suite of electrical system repair options, allow you to no longer suffer through dimming lights, blown car fuses and dripping batteries. With Kruse Automotive’s electrical repairs, you’ll be able to finally afford to fix any pesky or serious electrical problem with the help of Kruse’s expert team. We can handle any auto electrical need and do it without costing you a fortune. Not only are our services affordable — they’re also precise and effective. When it comes to your vehicle’s electrical components, our vetted mechanical team will wow you with their deep knowledge and the speed with which they diagnose and fix any electrical problem. You can trust our licensed and insured technicians to offer you and your car the best care in town.


Our electrical system repair and replacement services include but aren’t limited to:











We get to the root of your car’s electrical problems with our licensed and insured services

Kruse Automotive’s licensed and insured technicians rely on the latest, most cutting-edge electrical system diagnostic and repair equipment. This helps us find solutions to any electrical system problem quickly, pinning down the exact cause of your car’s problems and applying immediate solutions that get your car running perfectly again. Our skilled technicians can service and install anything electrical within any make or model of car or truck.


Stay safe and comfortable on the road at all times and protect your investment by letting Kruse’s expert team fix your car or truck’s electrical system issue today. We will be sure to give your vehicle the expert attention it needs to drive smoothly again, with affordable rates to fit a budget of any size.

Contact Fort Wayne’s Best Auto Repair Shop Today To Schedule Your Car’s Electrical System Repair

Call Kruse Automotive at 260.489.1089 to discuss your car’s electrical system problem! Our friendly staff will ask you questions to understand your specific situation and work with you to schedule a time that fits in your schedule to drop off your vehicle at our convenient location at 9310 Lima Road. Our shop is located at the intersection of Lima Road and West Till Road in North Fort Wayne.

With Kruse Automotive’s affordable services and flexible scheduling, your car will be running smoothly again in no time!