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Engine Repair

Fix Your Car’s Engine Issues With Fort Wayne’s Most Trusted Auto Repair Shop

Since 1971, Kruse Automotive has been Fort Wayne’s most highly rated and trusted automotive shop in Fort Wayne. Serving customers across Allen County and all of Northeastern Indiana, we are a local, family-owned business dedicated to making sure every engine in the area runs safely and effectively.

We offer high caliber, complete engine repair services through our conveniently situated shop in Fort Wayne. If you suspect your car may have an engine issue, do not delay! Bring it in to Kruse Automotive and have our expert mechanics diagnose and fix the problem.

9310 Lima Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818


Is Your Car Showing Signs Of An Engine Problem?

Engine problems can cause small inconveniences, or they can affect your car or truck’s ability to run properly, if at all. Signs of an engine issue can be small or large. Your check engine light suddenly lights on the dashboard and doesn\’t turn off. Or it starts flashing. The car is making unusual noises or odors. Maybe it is using a shocking amount of gas, causing you to have to fill up more frequently than you normally would. Maybe you feel the car not running consistently or powerfully than it normally would, or it unexpectedly stalls in the middle of traffic. Perhaps it\’s dripping fluids, heating or smoking in ways that it shouldn\’t.

Some of these symptoms may seem like a nuisance you can overlook, but not addressing certain engine issues with your vehicle can be ruinous. Wait too long and you may not be able to fix your engine without huge expense, if at all.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly and Avoid Breakdowns With Routine Maintenance

If you want your car to run properly, you can’t afford to ignore an engine issue for too long. Thankfully, when you bring your car or truck to Kruse Automotive with an engine concern early, you’ll save money by being proactive and catching the problem early, as there may be a less expensive fix when your problem is small and young. With Kruse Automotive’s affordably priced engine issue diagnostics and repairs, we can catch your issue as early as possible and work with your budget to fix the issue quickly.


If you delayed, don’t stress. Our team can still do our best to undo the damage and get your car running again, and we’ll do it at the most competitive prices in Fort Wayne. Our fully trained and qualified technicians can repair even the most damaged or poorly running engines.


Our affordable car engine repair and replacement services include but aren’t limited to:














We get to the root of your car\’s engine problems with our licensed and insured services

Not sure what\’s wrong with your car? Bring it in and we\’ll run a full diagnostic to find the problem. The fully licensed and insured mechanical experts at Kruse Automotive have at their disposal the best diagnostic and repair tools and equipment on the market, ensuring that they are able to do their best to identify any issue with a domestic or imported vehicle’s engine quickly and efficiently. Once your engine’s problem has been diagnosed, our savvy team will order the right replacement parts and get to work on your auto engine repairs as fast as possible so you can have your car or truck back in no time.


Save money and prolong the of your vehicle by contacting Kruse Automotive in Fort Wayne today to diagnose and fix your car’s engine issues! Our trained technicians will service any make and model.

Contact Fort Wayne’s Best Auto Repair Shop Today To Schedule Your Car’s Engine Repair Or Rebuild

Call Kruse Automotive at 260.489.1089 to discuss your car engine repair or maintenance needs! Our friendly staff will ask you questions to understand your engine’s specific situation and work with you to schedule a time that fits in your schedule to drop off your vehicle at our convenient location at 9310 Lima Road. Our shop is located at the intersection of Lima Road and West Till Road in North Fort Wayne.

With Kruse Automotive’s affordable services and flexible scheduling, your car’s engine will be purring again in no time!